Cellular polycarbonate with fixture, solid polycarbonate, corrugated and trapezoid panels, mineral-acrylic sinks and panels, composite panels, panels and laminates HPL, aluminium profiles, fibre-cement panels, XPS extruded polystyrene, cosmotech PCW/XPS/PCW sandwich panels, PVC belts and rolls with assembly system, etc.


Polypropylene hollow core boards, sheet foils, foam-X panels, composite panels AL/PE/AL, hard and foamed PVC panels, High-impact polystyrene panels HIPS, XT and GS acrylic panels, cast acrylic blocks, pipes, tubes, acrylic rods, PET G and PET A polyester panels, advertising profiles, tensioning system profiles, self-adhesive foils for printing, plotter foils (monomer, polymer, extruded), foil to change the colour of cars, translucent and reflective foils, transport foils and papers, etc.

Construction industry

Cellular polycarbonate

Cellular polycarbonate is designed for the construction of various types of glazing. It is used for roofing sports facilities, winter gardens, terraces, construction of bus shelters and many other facilities.

Solid polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate is a perfect substitute for glass. It is virtually indestructible, twice as lightweight and at the same time about 200 times more impact-resistant.

PVC trapezoidal panels

Profiled PVC is a trapezoidal panel manufactured using a unique biaxial orientation method.

Fibre-cement panels

Standard applications for fibre-cement panels include ventilated facade claddings, balcony railings fillings, inter-window inserts, roof lining, etc.

Cosmotech PCW/XPS/PCW sandwich panels

The sandwich panels are made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) coated on both sides with hard PVC.

Soft PVC belts with mounting system

PVC belts and rolls are produced in two types: standard PVC strip (gates, halls) and PVC cooling strip (polar) used at constantly negative temperatures. The cooling type is more flexible at low temperatures and provides an easier flow.

HPL panels for outdoor use

These panels are duroplastic high-pressure laminates (HPL) produced in laminate presses under high pressure and temperature conditions. The double-hardened laminate forms a resistant layer protecting against weather conditions.

Composite panels

Composite panels consist of two layers of 0.5 mm thick aluminium sheet with a plastic core between. Depending on the flammability class, two versions of the panels are available: PE (low density polyethylene core), FR (high flammability polyethylene core).

Foamed PVC panels

PVC panels are the basic material used in advertising as a substrate for printing, gluing, production of stands, presenters and others.

Hard PVC

Hard PVC sheets are a solid material with a homogeneous structure and are produced by extrusion in the form of flat sheets with a hard surface.

High-impact polystyrene panels HIPS

It is a modification of polystyrene produced by adding the butadiene rubbers.

Polyester panels PET (G) PET (A)

PET polyester panels are impact resistant and are marked with having very good mechanical properties.

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